Sports Devil No Stream Available

BY T2K · 15TH OCTOBER 2018


SportsDevil: Benefits and Limitations

There’s only so much one can say about the SportsDevil Kodi addon. What is does is provide you access to several streaming websites and links. As such, SportsDevil is not so much a streaming addon as it is a streaming options aggregator. This is also where the biggest problems with SportsDevil occur.


You’ll find a very wide range of streaming options on Kodi. However, most of the streaming categories do nothing more than just connect you to the same channels. For example, searching under the “Sports TV” section gives you around 10 links to different streaming sites. Each one contains the same channels: A smorgasbord of Sky Sports, BT Sports, and a load of other channels from American to South American to European. While the channel offerings are indeed impressive, that the add-on simply provides multiple avenues to the same content is a bit disappointing.


The biggest limitation for SportsDevil is with functionality. Far too often, it just… does not work. There are several reasons for this, but many users will often run into a dreaded “No Stream Available” message. And no, simply switching to a different streaming option does not always fix the problem. One reason for this has been noted as the links changing on the back end, making the internal links within the add-on nonfunctioning. This often happens when the SportsDevil developers update the application. Unfortunately, this cannot always be fixed.


You may see a lot of this message (as above) showing on many sports add-ons that scrape feeds from the “Sports Devil Add-On”. Fear not you are not doing anything wrong and there is nothing wrong with the build. In recent weeks there has been an increase in the amount of times this happens, usually around 3pm at the weekend when more issues arise (peak time for English Football).

Increasingly, the national media are reporting that major satellite providers are now taking blocking  action against the likes of Kodi Add-Ons and it is now more difficult to find reliable sources. However, you should find alternatives in the Addons  as there are many choices within the builds.


Tip. Non English speaking streams are usually not affected together with some foreign and Arabic channels who relay English streams to fill their TV slots.