Hi folks, here are some “Text” instructions for installing either the full “T2K Wizard” or just the “Repo” , note, I have used quotation marks (” “) for clarity, these are not to be used when typing in or installing.


• Click on the “cog icon” at the top of your screen.


• From the choices given select “File manager


• Click on “Add Source” from any side.


• Where it says “None



• in the long box click on it and type in the FOLLOWING URL, EXACTLY.


• (Note the use of the Capital “R” in “RepoTHIS IS IMPORTANT


• Now click on “okay” on the right.


• In the long bottom box you see the name “Repo” click on this



• Now you can erase it and change it to what ever you want but I use “T2K” then click “okay


• Click on “okay” at the bottom and then the go back button TWICE


• From the choices along the left select “Add-Ons


• Then go to the top left of your screen and you will see a symbol of an open box and click on it.



Now from the choices, choose “Install from zip. A Box will appear saying “ For security, Instillation of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled”



• Click on the settings Button and then on the screen that appears click on unknown sources



• When the warning box appears click YES



• Press the go back button once and this will return you to the Install from zip screen again Click on Install from Zip and then select “T2K


• Then click on “” (this is the current one at the time but this may change)



• Wait until you see the T2K has been Installed (You will see a red T2K box on the top left of your screen)



• now go up 1 and click on “Install from repository


• Now click on the “T2K Repo


• Now click on “Program Addons” and then click on the “T2K Wizard” and then “Install


• You will then see a notification that the wizard is Installed.



• After a few seconds a “choices select” box will come up, go to keep my favourites xml and tick it and anything you may want/need



• Then scroll down and click on “Continue“, the build menu will then appear, click on “Build Menu



• Choose your desired Build, and then select “(T2K) Fresh Install


• The box below will appear Choose Continue



• Once it has been downloaded and Installed choose “force close



Once you open kodi back UP please give it 5 min’s or so to build / update everything.


• You are now back in business enjoy, Regards T2K Team