How to use the FAVOURITES Menu


• To save Movies /TV Shows Individually or by series to Favourites Menu

• Go to any Addon and select it • Navigate your way down to a particular Movie or TV series or episode.

• Open the context menu by pressing ‘C’ key on keyboard, the Menu button (3 lines) on your remote or long press on a touch device and select Save to Favourites

• All you have to do now is navigate to Favourites Menu on the Build and everything you have saved will be all in one place

• To remove any of the Favourites from this section for example if you have watched a movie open the context menu while on the item you want to remove and select Remove from Favourites

• To ensure your saved Favourites remain during build updates, make sure you have the Keep Favourites option enabled in the T2K Wizard . To do this navigate to the Wizard section of the Build. Underneath there will be a subsection called SAVE DATA select this

• Once in the Save Data section navigate down to favourites xml (should be in red) and select, once it has turned green and says “On” that’s it , now when you update the build all your favourites will remai

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