How to Install and Setup Trakt On T2K / Fladnag/Last kingdom Builds


• Track every TV show & movie you watch, automatically from your favorite media center. We call this scrobbling. Keep all your devices in sync, even across different apps. Get started by installing the plugin and connecting your Trakt account.

• Head over to https://trakt.tv/ and create an account.

• TRAKT Add-n is Installed in our Builds, a short cut is on the submenu or system depending on the build.

• Click on the Trakt Shortcut.

• A popup will now appear asking you to go to trakt.tv activate.

• Open that address in your web browser on your device or ( having a mobile phone or tablet handy is usefull to do this).

• Enter the PIN that was given to you in the popup in Kodi & select Continue

• when asked if you want to allow Trakt for Kodi to use your account select YES

• You will then see “‘Your device is now connected and will automatically refresh in a few seconds”

• The popup will dissapear

• Go back to Kodi and along to apps or Addons section, click on program add-ons, scroll down to trakt, do not click on it but press the context Button (3 horizontal lines) / long press on touch device/or C on keyboard and right clcik with mouse and select Configure

• In Exclusions enable Exclude Live TV

• In Scrobbling enable Show notifications on Scrobbling you will then should have the 4 top available choices enabled

• In Synchronize select Service section and enable everything in there.

• In the Movies section enable all 5
settings,unless you don’t want movies removing from your Trakt collection when deleted from your library then do not enable that setting.

• In the TV Episodes section enable all 5 settings. Again if you don’t want episodes removing from your Trakt collection when deleted from your library then do not enable that setting.

• Select Rating and choose the settings you want. If you enable them all you can always change this at any time . Select OK when completed to save your settings.

• With these settings Trakt will run when you boot your Kodi device to make sure your library is synced. It will also run when you update your library. Each time you watch content it will scrobble to your Trakt account so each device that you use Trakt on will be synced with each other.

• Your now good to go

• Make sure you Enable saving your trakt settings within the T2K wizard , so that when you update the Build it will save everything, and there will be no need to go through this process again.

• To do this go to the T2K Wizard section of the Build

• Below in the submenu will be Save Data, clcik
on this and scroll down to Save Trakt this will be in red if this is your first time clcik on it and wait a few seconds at which time it will turn green and your done.

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