Am I Up-to-Date ? What version of the Build do I have ?

BY T2K · 15TH OCTOBER 2018


You can immediately update your build by selecting the sub menu UPDATE MY BUILD  under T2K wizard on the Setting Submenu ***

Q. Which version of Kodi and Build am I using?:

A. From your home page, Settings > Select T2K WIZARD from the sub menu > Select (Relevant) Build

• If there was a updated version issued, the Current Build heading will have a option next to it in RED writing to let you know that you can update to the latest build.

~ Saved Data and Settings only refers to Build Updates and will not transfer when updating to the latest Android Kodi App ~

You can quickly Update your build by going to T2K wizard >  UPDATE MY BUILD from the sub menu and selecting an option from the Builds menu. Follow the prompts to complete the update.

• Select Fresh Install

• Select Continue

• Select Force Close

• Reopen Kodi / T2K and allow a couple of minutes for the build to complete updating the menus and addons. Before you update, you may want to save some Preferences. Click here for information on saving your Data.